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Divine service at Olympia Park congregation, Lusaka

The authority from Jesus…

District Apostle Kububa Soko on Sunday morning of 12th January 2020, made his first visit to Lusaka’s Olympia Park congregation, to the joy of the members.

Members at Olympia Park Congregation

The teaching centered around the authority of Jesus Christ.

District Apostle Soko read from Mark 1:22 as text word.

“And they were astonished at His teaching, for He taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes”.

The choir sang “The Lord is my shepherd”, (67 CHC) as hymn after text.

In reference to the after text hymn, District Apostle Soko urged the members to be obedient to the teaching of Jesus who is our shepherd.

“Dear brothers and sisters, the Lord Jesus is our shepherd, He is leading us through the Apostles, let us have the ability to follow Jesus through His Apostles and be obedient to the teaching of Jesus Christ “, he said.

In reference to the text word, District Apostle Soko said our Lord Jesus had the authority from God.

“Dear brothers and sisters, Jesus had power and authority, given to Him by God. His authority defied nature; at the wedding in Kana, Jesus turned water into wine, and also, during the time our Lord Jesus was with His disciples in a boat, Jesus commanded the winds and the winds obeyed, Jesus multiplied bread and fish to feed a multitude, our Lord Jesus also walked on water, all these, show the authority and power of God through His Son Jesus”, he said.

District Apostle Soko also said Jesus was sent by God, with the authority to redeem mankind, he urged the members to accept the messengers of Jesus.

“Dear brothers and sisters, Jesus Christ was sent by God to serve mankind, Jesus shared His authority with the Apostles. Through the teaching of Jesus, people felt the divine power from God and experienced the kingdom of God. Jesus gave the Apostles the authority to proclaim the gospel and to forgive sins. Let us benefit from this authority by accepting the messengers of Jesus without prejudice, the Lord is using our fellow men, to prepare us for the return of our Lord Jesus, let us accept them, let us follow them”, he said.

District Elder Remmie Mwamba (Lusaka City District Rector) leads the District Apostle’s entourage

District Apostle Soko assured the members that the authority Jesus had is the authority given to the Apostles of our time.

“Dear brothers and sisters, Let us not under estimate the Apostle ministry established in our time, but rather accept the divine sacraments they dispense by the authority from Jesus, let us believe in the ministers so that we can perceive the gospel of God preached by men sent by Jesus, by so doing redemption and salvation will be certainly ours”, he said.

Call ups

Apostle James Kasongo

Apostle Richard Kasoma

Apostle Michael Milupi

Also in attendance were retired District Apostles Duncan Mfune, Shadreck Lubasi and Charles Ndandula

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