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District Apostle Duncan Burton Mfune (ir)

District Apostle Duncan Mfune (ir) was born on 27th January, 1937 in Livingstone, Zambia. His first ministry was in 1959 when he was ordained Sub-Deacon by then Apostle Hubert Howes Fernandes (+).

Duncan Mfune then served in the Sub-Deacon Ministry for 3 years till he was ordained Priest by Apostle Hubert Howes Fernandes (+) on 19th of September, 1962.

After serving for 4 years as a Priest, Duncan Mfune was then ordained Community Evangelist on the 22 of April, 1966 by Apostle Jeremiah Njamba (+).

He was then ordained District Evangelist on 26th April, 1970 by Apostle Andrew J. Fernandes (+). He served for 1 year in that ministry before he was ordained District Elder on 22nd August, 1971 by again Apostle Andrew J. Fernandes (+).

Duncan Mfune was actively involved in mobilizing the growth of the New Apostolic Church in Zambia which saw him being ordained Bishop on 10th February, 1974 by Chief Apostle Walter Schmidt (+) and later ordained Apostle on 4th May, 1975 by then Apostle Ernst Streckeisen (+).

After serving for 12 years as an active Apostle, Duncan Mfune was then appointed as the District Apostle Helper on 1st January, 1987 in Germany by Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler.

Duncan Mfune was finally ordained as District Apostle for Zambia and Malawi before Zimbabwe was incorporated into the District Apostle Area 28 which now has Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe. This ordination was on the 18th of June, 1989 by Chief Apostle Richard Fehr (+).

District Apostle Duncan Mfune went into retirement on 13th March, 2005. He has since remained a committed member of the New Apostolic Church and congregates with other brothers and sisters at the Lusaka Central Church.

Join us in celebrating our dear District Apostle’s (ir) birthday as he turns 83 years old and kindly share with us some of the fond memories you shared and still share with him.


  1. One of the memories I remember with him was, when we were working with him at his place and (making a tank stand) and when it was time to set it up, he wanted to participate in pulling it up. So everyone with excitement when on pulling as others were pushing, then unfortunately the rope broke and him being the eldest man fell 😂 and he hesitated to stand up. While laying there and laughing with everyone, he was like *this could have been the best time to bring the camera to capture me and put in the magazine so that God’s children can see how their District Apostle is suffering after the retirement 😂
    Non spiritual but it was just an exciting experience
    Happy 83rd birthday

  2. Happy birthday and God’s richest blessings to you and the family. I still have vivid memories of that confirmation service you conducted in Matero congregation in 1990. Wishing you much strength, joy and many more years to come.


  3. Dear Districtapostel – I have met you in 2015 while I was hostet by your lovely daughers because the Chiefapostel Service at the 15. of June. I had the chance to see you and your wife in your garden – for me it was a speciell moment to look in your eyes and in your heart. Until the end of my life I will remember this great moments at your house and – that make me sad – rememberings in love to Jane. God bless you further for all you have done. I give you a big hark – may be we met us again, lovely greatings to you and all your schildren, Mali Wacker from Germany

  4. Extremely beautiful to the pioneers of the work of God however I loved to see his actual photos. Job well done

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