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Statement on Concept of the Ministry

Dear brothers and sisters,

There has been misinformation and peddling of falsehoods surrounding the concept of the ministry. It has been observed that this issue has been emotive and dismissive of the well-intended concept.

As has been the case, please be advised that Church office will communicate all official information to the members, stakeholders and interest groups using known and established channel of communication. Let us avoid sharing hearsay, falsehood and misleading information.

There are scheduled stakeholder engagements in form of workshops and meeting to be conducted in all Apostle Areas where the concept of the ministry, as guided by the Chief Apostle, will be clearly outlined and explained in detail, and how it will be implemented.

Nimon Muleya

Head: Public Relations and Income Generation      

2 thoughts on “Statement on Concept of the Ministry

  1. in solwezi things have started changing last week I attended a divine service which was conducted by the community evangelist C/E and all sherphads were in attendance I was very to see such

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