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Congregational activities

Membership Recruitment

During testifying visits, which usually occur after working hours, by appointment, three days during the week and on Saturdays, the Administration Brothers and their helpers explain the New Apostolic doctrine to the guests and potential guests to our services.

The guests who attend our services and show willingness to learn more about our doctrine are invited to the “adoption classes” which often take place after the Sunday Service. These classes are usually conducted by the Congregational Rector, or his assistant, basing them on the Bible and other relevant New Apostolic literature.

When the guests show consistency in attending services for “three months” and show sincere “willingness” to embrace the doctrine they have been taught during this period, the District Leaders adopt them in a divine service.

Care for the members:

Many dangers threaten the faith life of God’s children after they are sealed. To avoid losing the members to these dangers, the priestly ministers and the assistants make regular family visits to the members in the sections assigned to them.

During these visits the sealed members are also invited to bring their talents into God’s work. Those with less desirable traits are tactfully, accordingly advised, taking care not to offend anyone.

Family Gathering

Apart from divine services, family gatherings are held at monthly intervals at congregational level during which time, experiences of faith are shared.

Leaders teach on various aspects of the doctrine of the church. Topics such as General Offering, Thanks Giving, and Departed Offerings are discussed. Bible references are made and read during these gatherings.  Members take an active part in the open discussions.

Weddings and Funerals

Fellowship among members is extended to special occasions such as weddings and funerals, which help to foster oneness among the members and help to attract new members.

Building of Chapels

Members are actively involved in the building of modern chapels on self-help basis in all the Apostle working areas. This encourages unity and commitment among the members, and serves to attract new members, as well. This is an area in which sisters have excelled through approved fund-raising activities such as tea parties and luncheons. In some cases in rural areas, members work on farms to raise funds for building chapels.

Before such a chapel is built on self-help, a plan is provided by Church Office. The church’s Civil Engineer supervises the actual building. In all, the Church Office supplements the completion of the chapel.

Kanyama Central under construction
Kanyama Central nearing completion

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