Livingstone Apostle Area

Livingstone Apostle Area is found in Southern province of Zambia. Apostle Michael Macha looks after this area. The Apostle was ordained as Apostle by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider in Nairobi, Kenya on 8th January 2023. He was born on 6th September 1979 in Choma. Livingstone Apostle Area is divided into 11 District Rector Areas with 167 congregations, 954 ministers and 44,746 members as at 1 October 2022. The Apostle received the following ministries:

  • Sub Deacon - 09/02/1995 by Apostle Crawford N. Munalula at Palm Grove Congregation
  • Priest - 13/05/2007 by Apostle Terry S. Nyambe at Dambwa North Congregation
  • Shepherd - 03/02/2013 by Apostle Remmie M. Muyenga at Musi-O-Tunya Congregation
  • District Elder - 29/06/2014 by District Apostle Charles S. Ndandula at Maramba Congregation
  • Appointed District Rector - 02/04/2021 by District Apostle Kububa Soko at Kazungula Congregation Assigned
  • Bishop - 05/12/2021 by District Apostle Kububa Soko at Musi-O-Tunya Congregation.