Sisters' (Luyando) Fellowship

Sisters' Fellowship

The words of the District Apostle Charles S. Ndandula to the Sisters and members in general:

Our sisters have had various fellowships which I have followed with great interest. At most of the fellowships, funds have been raised for various activities in our congregations. From the funds raised, we have been able to construct or complete church buildings, assist the less privileged members in our congregations and communities, assist with material requirements during the visits by our Chief Apostle and in some cases; we have bought some bicycles for some ministers.

It has indeed been a noble cause by our sisters. It is important that this noble cause is not misunderstood by some of our members who may not appreciate the activities by our sisters. The sisters do not have any other agenda apart from ensuring that the church programmes can be implemented under the leadership of the ministers in our church.

To ensure that the programmes of our sisters are more transparent and have the support of the leaders, I hereby give the guidelines under which our sisters will carry out the fellowships:-

1. The fellowships within an apostle area may take place anywhere and anytime within the apostle area with the approval of the apostle. The fellowships shall nonetheless take cognizance of the outstanding church calendar dates like Thanksgiving and Service for the departed and ensure that these dates are not adversely affected.

2. The sisters from another apostle area may be invited by the hosting sisters and the hosting apostle would be notified by the local sisters at least one month before the event.

3. The sisters invited from another apostle area will get approval from their apostle through their bearers of blessings at least three weeks before the travelling date.

4. Where sisters wish to visit other sisters in another apostle area to encourage and support them in any church programme, they shall first get the approval of their apostle through their bearers of blessings at least one month before the travelling date. They shall then communicate with the other sisters in the apostle area to be visited, who will notify and get approval from their local apostle. Travelling shall take place only after the approval of both apostles.

5. The travelling sisters shall be accompanied by a minister appointed by the apostle. The accompanying minister shall assist the sisters while in transit and at the destination with any logistics that may be needed and shall give a report to his apostle.

6. The events at the fellowships and activities shall always be in conformity with the teaching and doctrine of the apostles in the New Apostolic Church. When in doubt, the sisters shall contact their bearers of blessings. The sisters have done a commendable job to date and I hereby request all the ministers to assist and encourage them continue and to do even more.

May I take this opportunity to thank all the sisters' fellowships for the good works they are doing......

Click on the link below to open the Guidelines for the sisters' activities:

Guide for Sisters' Fellowship activities (here)

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