Youth and Child Policy

Youth & Child Policy

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The New Apostolic Church Zambia District is recognized as a legal entity in the countries it is active. It however operates under the New Apostolic Church International, whose headquarters is in Zurich, Switzerland.

The vision of the New Apostolic Church aims at offering people the opportunity to prepare themselves for the return of Jesus Christ and eternal life. The Church reaches out to all people in order to baptize them with water and the Holy Spirit and teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It also provides soul care and cultivates a warm fellowship among members, visitors and guests. This way, everyone in the Church experiences the love of God, and hence is motivated to serve God and fellow human beings.

The divine service is at the centre of all activities in the New Apostolic Church. In addition to the regular divine services, there are special services, including those for the youths and children. The divine services for youths and children form the core of care for the young people of the Church. Care for the young people, however goes beyond divine services. This is so because the needs of youths and children are many, and are ever growing.

Although the role of the Church is mainly spiritual, it does also play various added valued roles to those of key stakeholders in the education and care of young people.

Programmes and activities in the District are under the guidance of area apostles. The apostle areas are supported by the District Apostle in terms of guidelines, materials and capacity building. As expected there is variance in the way care is provided to the young people across the District. It has therefore become necessary to develop a policy which will, hopefully, bring about consistency in the design, implementation, management and coordination of activities and programmes for the young people in the District. The policy/guide therefore should be viewed as a framework supporting local initiative, not replacing apostle area efforts.  

The Youth and Child Policy/Guide of New Apostolic Church Zambia District has been developed in conformity with international and national laws and guidelines on youth and child development and protection; and guidelines from New Apostolic Church International.

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Youth & Child Policy