Divine Service at Libala congregation in Lukulu

Two (2) District Apostle Helpers and Seven(7) Apostles accompanied District Apostle Kububa Soko to Lukulu for a Divine Service at Libala congregation.


Summary of the Divine Service

Text: 1Peter 2vs2


Message: let us grow in Spirit so that we can inherit the Kingdom of God


District Apostle Soko said Apostle Peter in his address to the congregations at the time, likened the congregations to a babe (child) that desired pure milk for it to grow.


"Apostle Peter was addressing the congregations on account of what was happening in those congregations; we're a newly born baby (congregation) that must desire pure milk for us to grow; we can grow by receiving the word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, so that we can grow into the nature of Jesus Christ.


We must grow by having strong faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. (Ref. Luke 17v5)

We must grow in knowledge and understanding in the things that are necessary for us to enter the Kingdom of God.


We must grow in faith in the Apostles.

We must grow in respect for all.

We must grow in truthfulness which is in Jesus Christ. (Ref. John 1v17)

Let us grow in telling the truth which comes through Jesus Christ. (Ref. Proverbs 12vs19-20)

Let us grow in understanding that God sees everything that we do and we will ALL be held accountable. (Ref. Hebrews 4:13)


Let us grow in humbleness. (Ref. 1Peter 2v5).

Call ups:

  • DAH A. Mhango
  • DAH R. Nsamba
  • Ap. D. Kalyangu
  • Ap. S. Tufule

Apostles that have accompanied the District Apostle include; Apostles O. Kalumiana, E. Liywalii, P. Mukonda and host J. Kamwengo.

District Apostle Soko is tomorrow October 22, 2022 scheduled to conduct a Divine Service in Mongu

Divine Service at Mungwi Main congregation

District Apostle Kububa Soko this morning conducted a Divine Service at Mungwi Main congregation in Kasama Apostle Area.

Psalms 116:12 was used as text word.

Message: Thanking God for His blessing

We thank God by;

1. Loving Him (God) and our neighbour

2. By keeping our vows

3. Giving up on things that seperate us from God.

During the Divine Service District Apostle Soko appealed to the members to remain faithful to their God.

"Faith is personal; Thanksgiving is personal and so is judgement, we will all be judged in our individual capacity, according to what we have done; so let us remain faithful to God" he said.

During the Divine Service, District Elder Emmanuel Kabwe was placed into retirement after reaching a statutory retirement age of 65yrs.

The District Apostle was accompanied by District Apostle Helpers Robert Nsamba and Anorld Mhango, Apostles Moffat Chihana, Remmie Muyenga, Steven Lindunda, Jacob Mwansa and host George Fwalo.

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